about 4 years
@paulm, your reply thing might work if you "open in new tab"
It's the ONLY thing that works for me
almost 4 years
First of all thanks for all the time you've dedicated to making this a better forum. I think it looks great and really appreciate that you're taking feedback. 

A few minor suggestions:

1. Replying to quotes - if I want to only reply to a single point from the last poster, it generates the entire thread of quotes. It'd be good if we can remove all the irrelevant posts (think Doloras has mentioned something similar on the previous page).

2. Dark Mode/Yellow Fever - As a few others have mentioned, it'd be nice to have an option of Dark Mode or even Yellow mode (as with the previous board) as the white can be a bit abrasive on the eyes. Obviously you can adjust the brightness on your laptop etc, but to do this for a single page is a bit annoying.

3. Reply box size - The reply box takes up more or less the entire screen so if there's a comment or something I'd like to review further up, I'm unable to see them. It'd be good it if was a bit smaller so I can see what others have written or even be able to drag it down.
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Just noticed I had a reply to a DM, can we make those more obvious? Atm you need to check the drop down menu on your name in the top right corner to see you have a message. I signed up with an email account that I don't look at very often, so wasn't alerted by the email from the Forums.

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