Yellow Fever is the brainchild of Mike Greene, and was born a day after the Wellington Phoenix came in to existence back in 2007.

On game day, you'll find us at the Old Bailey pre-game, and then either side of Aisle 21 at Westpac Stadium. If we're winning with ten minutes to go, you might notice a lot of saggy, hairy chests and shirt waving going on. That's just a thing we do. Give it a go, it's liberating.

Visiting fans are welcome (encouraged even) to join us for a pint at our pre-game watering hole the Old Bailey, or post match at the same venue. We usually shout visitors a round or two, and we don't stab anyone ever.

We wear yellow generally, and we're responsible for New Zealand design icon: the Retro Ricki t-shirt. Get into some of our cool tee shirts, you can get them from our online store and that's how we pay to keep this thing up and running.

We run stuff like away tours and our famous 12 Pubs of Lochhead Christmas pub crawl (visiting fans again welcome). We also publish a podcast - Fever FM.

As you can see we're a bit of shambles, but that's the way we like it. We work hard to raise the profile of football in New Zealand and make football an event through support of the Phoenix, the All Whites and Football Ferns (as White Noise), the NZ National League and local football (including the Chatham Cup), but never in a way that is organised or well thought out.

Come over and see us sometime, we might even buy you a drink; we'll certainly buy ourselves plenty. Newcomers of all ages are always welcome, we're a friendly bunch. The best place to start is to join us at the bar before a game, or get involved in the chatter on our forums.

Fever folks

These are the people who “organise” things. Help is always appreciated!