Terms of Use

Updated 28.10.17 by Smithy

Yellow Fever is operated at yellowfever.co.nz by Yellow Fever Limited.

By using the site, you agree to these terms and to use the website on the basis set out here. If you do not agree to these terms, leave right away and never return.

If you have any questions, comments or problems hit us up at [email protected] and we can talk it out.

We might update these from time to time. We'll post the updates on the forums. The terms that appear here are the ones in force.

1. No liability whatsoever, none, zero, nada, take it or leave it

a) We make small amounts of money that we reinvest in the site and the Fever more widely. Nobody running the Fever gets paid a wage. So you use it totally at your own risk and you agree that we are not liable to you for anything, under any circumstances, ever.

2. If you cost us money, you promise to pay for it and you promise not to sue us

a) Because we have no money, if something you do causes us loss or costs us money (for example if you break the site, defame someone, steal someone's intellectual property etc) then you promise to make good those costs or losses.

b) If we cost you money, we're sorry but you promise not to sue us. Maybe our app melted your phone, or our tee shirts gave you herpes. That would be stink, but you acknowledge that we do our best and our best is all you want. If we make a hash of it, you promise not to take us to court or make any claim etc.

3. Don't use us to make money without asking

a) People don't come here to read ads. When we make them read ads its usually because we need the cash to keep the lights on. So please don't advertise your wares or in any other way use us to make a buck without asking for permission. If you're a good bugger, and it's a good football cause or product, then we will quite likely say yes. We might ask you to chip in for the lights though.

4. Don't be a douchebag

a) Yellow Fever is a place for lovers of football. There can be hearty disagreements, but don't be a douchebag.

b) If we think you are being a douchebag we might ban you. Bad luck. You can email us to discuss, but we don't promise to let you back.

5. Intellectual Property

a) You might think that you "own" your posts and stuff. Well, you do, and you can control your posts using the forum functions. But you agree that anything you upload to the site we can do anything we want with, and we don't have to pay you or ask you or do what you tell us to. Specifically (*nerd alert*) you grant us a perpectual, non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any of your content that you post on the website.

b) You promise that you won't upload anything to our site that you don't have the right to give us the use of. If you break this rule then watch out for rule 2 above coming to getcha and also refer rule 4(a).

c) We own the site and everything on it, and the tee shirt designs, etc. You agree never to use any of it without asking us first, and we don't have to say yes.

6. Legal nerdery

a) The laws of the sovereign island nation of Aotearoa New Zealand govern these terms and your use of the site.

b) The partial invalidity of any of these terms doesn't invalidate there rest of them. If any of these terms is not enforceable in full, it will be read down to the least extent possible to make it okay. If it can't be made okay, consider it struck out but everything else stays.

c) Just because we don't enforce some of these terms all the time doesn't mean we can't do it later if we want to.

d) We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

e) You must comply with the law when using the website.