Fever FM

Fever FM is the 4th instalment of Yellow Fever's podcasts. It brings together the worst bits of In The Zone and Phoenix City, along with a token diversity hire, to chat all things Fire Chickens.

Smash the subscribe button in your favourite podcast app, give it a listen, and tell us on the forum why its sucks.

If you're listening to Fever FM, you're listening to:

  • Andy

    Part host, part analyst. Sadly, he's average at both.


  • Dave

    Big lad with big opinions. Watches terrible Phoenix games for fun.


  • Tracey

    Diversity hire. Her takes are hotter than Michael Boxall and her breaks are usually her arm


  • Cam

    Photographer. He probably has photos of you shirtless.


  • Dale

    Face for radio with opinions worse than Mike Hosking.


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