Privacy Policy

Updated 3.10.14 by Smithy

Yellow Fever is operated at by Yellow Fever Limited.

We collect information about you when you use Here's what we do with it:

Email address

We collect your email address when you register. We use that to send you emails (unsurprisingly).

Sometimes we might let someone we trust email you directly, or we might match our list of emails against theirs so we can send you relevant email. But we are very careful about that stuff and generally it's not cool.

If you provide a name or Twitter handle in your profile, we collect that too. Anyone can see that.

Stuff you post on the site

Obviously we collect the stuff you post on We log your IP address when you post.

Nerdy internet stuff

We use cookies to keep you logged in. You can blow those away using your browser anytime you like.

We use a bunch of tools to measure and track the site, including Google Analytics. In case you didn't know already, pretty much everything you do on the internet is tagged and tracked. We're pretty light handed in the scheme of things.

Our mobile apps

You should review the permissions of the app before you install it. These change from time to time but you can always review them on your device.


Generally we won't disclose your info, but we will if we think it's the right thing to do. If The Law comes knocking for example.

Privacy Act 2020

You got rights. Learn 'em. Google "Privacy Act 2020" and read up. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has a decent website too.

Got a question, problem or suggestion?

We're pretty laid back, but this stuff is important so we encourage you to hit us up at [email protected] if you have anything at all to say.