Win Qin, win peony dull looking at black beard, win Qin only feel a muddle in the brain, and win peony is firm in his judgment-Lin Qi this guy, must be born in the family of mountain thieves and pirates. Look at his father's fierce and powerful style, heaven above, the royal family of the Qin Empire and such a best family became in-laws? Blackbeard approached Yue Lengtu step by step. After he cursed Yue Lengtu, he suddenly nodded to Lin Qi with a smile: "Son, very good, very good!"! Originally just let you come back to find your roots, but I didn't expect you to earn a throne for me! Eh? Is this wrong? You are the king, so your father should have a title, right? You're not a prince, are you? Is your father still a commoner? "Shameless!" Hu Ye was so angry that he shivered all over. How could Blackbeard be so shameless? Isn't this an open request for an official position in front of so many people? But this is also right, Lin Qi king, black beard seems to get a certain title award, this is also part of the ancient etiquette of the Qin Empire, and black beard even if there is no real fief, his title is absolutely impossible to be lower than Lin Qi! After all, there was no reason for Lao Tzu to salute his son,interactive whiteboard for schools, so once Blackbeard appeared, it proved that a prince could not run away. Blackbeard is king? Hu Ye suddenly had a feeling that the sky had collapsed and his outlook on life and world had completely collapsed. This guy who has been robbing houses in Dunerke for decades, and even his wife has come back from the sea, is going to be the king? My God, open your eyes! Blackbeard quacked with a strange smile. His fierce eyes looked at Linzi's confusion. Then he nodded gently. Then Blackbeard's furious eyes were fixed on Hu Ye, and everyone heard a dense collision of bones coming from Blackbeard's body. The sound of'Kaka 'was as continuous as exploding beans. It was obvious that he was already carrying the strength of his whole body. Although Blackbeard was still more than a hundred meters away from Hu Ye, Hu Ye already felt a sharp pain in his muscles and bones. He seemed to have returned to his youth in full swing, when Blackbeard was the deepest nightmare in young Hu Ye's heart! Blackbeard was less than ten meters away from Yue Lengtu,smart board interactive whiteboard, and Yue Lengtu even felt the heavy, burning breath of Blackbeard. Unable to withstand the huge pressure brought by Blackbeard, Yue Lengtu howled like a dying beast, and the black tassel gun in his hand brought up a black light like lightning, tearing the air straight into Blackbeard's throat. Grandson! Don't disturb me to see my son! Blackbeard took a nonchalant step forward, and this step, he had approached Yue Lengtu less than a meter behind him, the pike brushed his shoulder, and the violent wind of the gun only pulled a few black hairs off the bearskin coat of Blackbeard. With a hard slap in the face, Blackbeard slapped Yue Lengtu away. Yue Lengtu did not even hum, and the moment he slapped him in the face, he had been knocked unconscious by a terrible strange force. His body was as light as a flying oriole, with a graceful arc, slowly flying back in the direction he had just rushed out, smartboards in classrooms ,interactive boards for classrooms, flying more than a hundred meters away, and then landing heavily on the ground. Yue Lengtu's one-horned rhinoceros made a violent roar. It turned around angrily and stabbed Blackbeard's lower abdomen with its horn. Blackbeard'quack 'laughed, he grabbed the long horn of the one-horned rhinoceros, and then lifted the huge Warcraft up, as easily as a child throwing stones to smash the huge guy far away. To die, the one-horned rhinoceros hit Yue Lengtu, who could not afford to fall to the ground. The unconscious Yue Lengtu let out a shrill howl, opened his mouth and spurted out a bloody arrow, and then fell to the ground in a mess. Apart from Lin Qi, Hu Tu, Hu Ye, Hu Xinzhu and a few others, the others were all dumbfounded. Yue Lengtu is about twenty years older than Longcheng. Unlike Longcheng, who likes women and spends all day together, Yue Lengtu joined the army at an early age and devoted himself to training in the army. With the full cultivation of Xuexiang Gong, he was instilled with the huge resources of eighteen provinces. Yue Lengdu entered the holy land at the age of thirty. Fifteen years later, he broke through the realm of saints. Now he is a strong man at the peak of saints. Even if the Yunlong clan Vyas commercial Federation often has some evil genius, but with the peerless talent of Yuncanglong, he also did penance for 30 years before stepping into the holy land. Compared with Yue Lengtu stepping into the holy land at the age of 30, on the one hand, the resources of the western continent are far less than those of the eastern continent, and on the other hand, we can see that even if Yue Lengtu's evil talent has a gap with Yuncanglong, it is also inhuman. But Yue Lengtu, the peak of the saint, was stunned by Blackbeard's slap. How strong is Blackbeard, a guy full of dirty words? Regardless of what the others thought, and ignoring the strange eyes of those people, Blackbeard laughed wildly and stretched out his hands to Linzi: "Linzi, my son, ha ha ha!" Linzi jumped off his horse and strode up to meet Blackbeard. Two equally tall and burly men embraced each other heavily, like two mountains colliding with each other with a loud bang. Blackbeard and Linzi slapped each other hard on the back, each blow with hundreds of thousands of pounds of force, until their bodies roared like war drums. What are you doing here? After a warm embrace, Lin Qi loosened his black beard and asked curiously. According to Lin Po, Blackbeard is being held by the elders of the family in seclusion, and Blackbeard is not allowed to leave until he breaks through to the realm of the enlightener. But now Blackbeard actually appears in Shuangyang Red Dragon City, what does this mean? Blackbeard'quack 'guffaw, he proudly exhaled a puff of smoke, winked at Linzi to make a face, and then burst out laughing: "You are not using the secret method to send a message to the clan, saying that you earned a big family property in the eastern continent?"? Lao Tzu happened to be trading some goods on the subcontinent. Anyway, it was not far away, so he came in a hurry. After patting Linzi hard on the shoulder, Blackbeard squinted and said with a smile,65 inch touch screen, "I'll help you take care of this family property in the future!"! Ha ha ha, Lao Tzu helps his son take care of the family property, which is a matter of course! 。