There have been several instances over the years where players with dual nationality have opted to choose another country over NZ, and to be honest the All Whites have recruited more of these than they have lost!

Archie Thompson is one of the more higher profile players in recent years having chosen to represent Australia instead of the country of his birth, while more recently we lost Tyler Boyd to the USA.

Playing Football Manager 2021 the other day I noticed that Chelsea defender Ben Chilwell was once eligible for New Zealand. Does anyone know the family connection or if he ever came close to playing for NZ?

Who else out there did we miss out on that would have made a real difference to the men's team?
Ben Chilwell’s dad is a New Zealander and lived here until moving to England in 1993 (three years before Ben was born)

I wonder if NZ made any contact before his England u18 debut? 

I doubt that NZF even knew of his existence.
From my knowledge, NZF knew about this around 2015 when Ben Chilwell's dad approached NZF. 

Anthony Hudson was keen to call him up, but from my understanding there were no All Whites games (Was between Myanmar and Oman I believe) and when the opportunity came to call Ben up, England had already called him up. 

NZF knew about this, so I wouldn't call them out...

Stewart Island & Chathams included?