On FM22 Calvin Harris always ends up playing for NZ... does he meet resident requirements??

FIFA's rule is 5 years residency over the age of 18, so no. You can apply for an exemption but I don't think they will give it for a kid that moved to NZ at 14 for a football scholarship & left when he was 18/19 (not sure he has even done the 5 years tbh)
There was a change to the eligibility rules in 2020, to sort out the kids moving to new countries. If you move to a new country before the age of 10 you only need to have lived there 3 years to get eligibility, and after the age of 10 you need 5 years residency. 

It helps fix situations like Deklan Wynne’s back in the day when he wasn’t NZ eligible despite slicing here most of his life. I don’t know if Harris is eligible though, he probably isn’t, otherwise we would’ve heard some chat. 

Born year 2000. Wiki says came to NZ at age 14 (from Hong Kong) in 2014, and left age 18 (2018). So based on the above he sadly left a year early.

If that rule came in before 2019, he might have considered staying, 1 extra year? Even as an 18 yr old he probably realised the chances of playing international football was far greater with NZ, than England or USA.

But being only 1 year short of the above criteria, could he & NZF apply for an exemption to FIFA?